happy birthday, old man!

you're allowed one retalitatory pinch for that.

you're being spoiled today, get over it.
hi baby,

it's kind of crazy to think that this will be the third birthday i've spent being yours. i've been thinking a lot about the last few years, and the ones before that, and i'm always hit with a wave of gratitude that completely overwhelms me. you are the light of my life. there's no other way to express how brightly you shine, how you find all my dark corners and completely take them over. you know exactly how to make me smile, how to comfort me when i have bad days, how to distract me from my own mind. you take care of me in so many ways and i don't think i'll ever be able to tell you what that means to me. marrying you was easily the best moment of my life. and since then, i've just felt myself become someone i know i always wanted to be. i'm proud to be yours, proud of the man i'm becoming because of you. ever since you fucking kissed me that night in brazil, my world has never and will never be the same. me and neymar love you to the moon and back and we're going to make today absolutely perfect.

xx shawn & neymar (and niall who is currently swaying in front of my eye like the annoying little bastard he is)